Tribal Council

The mission of the Tribal Government is to exercise governmental authority to promote economic and social development, advocate and secure tribal rights, to secure tribal lands, to enhance educational opportunities and to protect traditional cultural values with a unified voice on behalf of its tribal members.

The Tribal Council members are the governmental leadership of the Gwichyaa Gwich’in Tribe. The Tribal Council consists of seven (7) members and is elected by a majority of the tribal voters.

Seat A: First Chief – Nancy James                  Term
Seat B: Second Chief – Michael S. Peter       Term 2016-2019
Seat C: Member – Carol Shewfelt                   Term
Seat D: Member – Michelle Van Dyke             Term 2016-2018
Seat E: Member – Gerald Alexander               Term 2015-2018
Seat F: Member – Mary Beth Solomon          Term 2016-2019
Seat G: Member – Robert Flitt Jr.                     Term 2015-2018


Traditional Chief: Steve Ginnis